Narita International Airport, the gateway to Japan; Makuhari Messe, an international conference and event venue; and Disneyland and DisneySea, Japan's largest theme parks, are just a few of the many leading facilities in Japan. There is also Choshi Port, which boasts Japan's largest catch of fish. In the Sawara district of Katori City, white-walled storehouses line the canal and are called "Little Edo. Sawara is famous for the Tanabata Festival, a large festival in Sawara, and the Setsubun Mamemaki (bean-throwing ceremony) at Narita-san. 日本の玄関成田国際空港、国際会議場・イベント会場の幕張メッセ、日本最大テーマパークのディズニーランド・ディズニーシーなど、日本を代表する施設が多い。日本最大の漁獲高を誇る銚子港もある。香取市佐原地区には、運河に沿って白壁の土蔵が並び、小江戸と呼ばれている。佐原の大祭り・七夕まつり、成田山での節分豆まきは有名。