Nagasaki has been an exotic city since its Christian culture during the Warring States period and its trade window during the Edo period. The Glover House, built by a British trader after the opening of the country to the outside world, Oura Tenshudo, the oldest Catholic church in Japan and one of the "Heritage Sites Related to Hidden Christians in Nagasaki and the Amakusa Region," and Megane Bridge, built by a Qing monk, are popular tourist attractions. Champon, Japanese, Chinese, and Western cuisine served at one round table is a must-try. The Nagasaki Kunchi festival is the most famous event in Nagasaki. 戦国時代のキリシタン文化、江戸時代は貿易の窓口となり以来異国情緒が漂う。開国後英国貿易商が建てたグラバー邸、“長崎と天草地方の潜伏キリシタン関連遺産”のひとつである、日本最古のカトリック教会大浦天主堂、清の僧侶が建てた眼鏡橋が人気の観光スポット。 ちゃんぽんや和食、中華、洋食を一つの円卓でいただく卓袱料理はぜひとも挑戦したい。イベントは長崎くんちが有名である。