Major attractions: Izumo-taisha Shrine (shrine), Matsue Castle, one of the remaining castles in Japan, Adachi Museum of Art with its magnificent garden (ranked No. 1 in the U.S. by Japanese Garden Magazine), Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, registered as a World Heritage site (at that time, one third of the world's silver was produced), Tamatsukuri Hot Springs, Lake Shinji with its beautiful sunset, and Tsuwano with its castle town. 主な見どころ:出雲大社(神社)、国内に現存する城の一つ松江城、庭園が見事な(米国の日本庭園雑誌で連続1位に輝く)足立美術館、世界遺産に登録された石見銀山(当時世界の三分の一を産出していた)、玉造温泉、夕日が美しい宍道湖(湖)、城下町の津和野。