Main attractions: Onaruto promenade where you can look down on the Uzut tide from a bridge; Kazura Bridge, a suspension bridge built by the fallen Heike clan; Oboke and Koboke, which have beautiful gorges; and the Otsuka Museum of Art, which reproduces world-famous paintings on ceramic plates in full size. Events: The Awa Odori dance in August is famous. 主な見どころ:うず潮を橋の上から見下ろすことができる大鳴門遊歩道、平家の落人が作ったつり橋のかずら橋、渓谷が美しい大歩危・小歩危、世界の名画を陶板で原寸大に再現した大塚国際美術館。イベント:8月の阿波踊りは有名